Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cinch Shakes vs. Visalus Shakes

Hello everyone, I found some information regarding comparing the Cinch Shakes to the Visalus Shakes and I thought it was very interesting and informative. Please take a chance to read.

1. Visalus compared their shake to the Cinch Vanilla Shake, Whey Protein Blend,only - possibly because it is the only shake in the Cinch line that contains cholesterol (although ours has 2/3 less than the Vi-Shape) - all the
soy-based Cinch Shakes have 0 cholesterol. 

2. The Shaklee Whey Protein Blend shake has only 5 grams of dietary fibre,
the same as the Vi-Shape shake. All our soy-based Cinch Shakes have 6 grams
of dietary fibre, which is also a prebiotic, per serving, so they all would
be better than Vi-Shape in dietary fibre content.

3. Vi-Shape seems to come only in one flavour (Sweet Cream, which smells
like a cake mix!) and it has a blend of natural and artificial flavour.
Cinch Shakes are available in a variety of flavours so dieters don't get
bored with a single flavour and they do not contain any artificial flavours.

4. Vi-Shape contains the artificial sweetener sucralose. Shaklee uses only
natural (and more expensive) sweeteners (like dextrose, fructose, and sugar
alcohols found in fruit). The Visalus Q&A sheet spends a lot of words
justifying their use of sucralose and criticizes companies that use fructose
as a sweetener (it's in Cinch Shakes) by saying it "increases appetite" -
when the serving size of the shake is controlled, this statement seems
totally irrelevant. Natural sweeteners add needed energy and palatability to
products so people will want to consume them! 

5. Looking at the contents of individual vitamin and mineral nutrients, most
are in the Vi-Shape shake at 30% of the Daily Value, whereas Shaklee's Cinch
Shakes provide 35% of most nutrients. Adding more nutrients does increase
the cost of the product but does also make it nutritionally superior.

6. In the "Competitor Comparison" chart provided below, produced by Visalus, mixing their product with skim milk adds 80 calories only, whereas most companies (including Shaklee and others on the chart) usually consider a cup of skim or non-fat milk to have 90 calories. Are they misleading consumers here?

7. The total calories of the Vi-Shape shake with skim milk are only 170 and
the fat content is only 1 gram per serving. Using a very low-calorie product
like this as a meal replacement could be a problem for some people as it
does not supply enough of the macronutrients required for balanced
nutrition. Fat in itself does not make you fat. More fat than 1 g per
serving is essential in everyone's diet to supply fatty acids, help the
absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and to provide satiety, so being on such
a low-fat product over a long period of time is not recommended.

8. I can not find any references anywhere to the weight-loss that consumers
could expect to see when following a program of Visalus products. Our
limited clinical trial on Cinch products at least showed the typical loss on
our plan was about 15 pounds in 12 weeks

9. Finally, the fact that Cinch Shakes and Bars contain additional leucine
to help spare the loss of lean muscle when losing weight - and the Vi-Shape
shake does not - needs to be emphasized as one of the most important reasons
to use Cinch. By retaining lean muscle mass, your metabolism remains high.
People who lose weight on other plans that do not have this benefit - and I
imagine Vi-Shape would be no exception - will have less lean muscle mass
when they stop dieting than when they began and this is not a good

While on the surface, it might seem to many people that Visalus offers a
good product at a great price, good nutrition is not a matter of putting
your health in the hands of the lowest bidder. We have good science and
superior ingredients behind our Cinch formulations and, in the long run,
more people should do better with their weight - and inch - loss with our

Information from:
MICHAEL ROWLANDS, B.Sc. | Director of Operations |  Shaklee Canada Inc.
7-3100 Harvester Road, Burlington, ON, Canada L7N 3W8 | 905-681-1422 Ext 230
Over 35 Years of Creating Healthier Lives in Canada

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